Age: 35-45, Minimum of 10 experience

The CE is in charge of the Engine Department and all machinery onboard including the ship’s Cargo and Ballast related equipment. He assists the Chief Officer in the operation of cargo equipment and advises the Chief Officer of any bunker, tub oil, sludge, etc. transfers that may affect the ship’s trim, stress and/or stability.

Responsible directly to the Master and also to the ship’s SupE and Technical Manager(TM)/FM regarding the status of all machinery, bunkers and related spares(CRITICAL and other), stores and consumables. Responsible for the maintenance of all machinery and engine department personnel. Responsible for OWS operation and MARPOL compliance.



The CE’s qualifications are:

  • possession of all valid certificates under STCW and the Flag of the ship for the type of the ship and her trading including BOSEIT certificate
  • Engineering degree in a related field (e.g. construction management, Mechanical engineering, Electrical)
  • be  internally  promoted  from  within  the  Company  or  having  a  personal recommendation from his previous employer, who must be considered by the Company as a first class operator. This recommendation and its verification by MD/OM/I’M will be kept in the CE’s file. The CSO shall verify appropriately.



The CE takes charge of Engine Department as per the Company procedures when joining the vessel.

Upon assuming command of the Engine Room, the CE makes a check of documents in his charge and examines machinery, assessing its condition and reports to the Company.

The CE inspects machinery spaces so that he is familiar with the machinery condition and operation.

He familiarizes himself with instruction manuals and machinery history 

The CE advises the Master on safety and seaworthiness/operation of the vessel and is in contact with the Master on these matters throughout the voyage.



The CE shall issue standing orders for:

  • the operation of machinery
  • taking over the Engine Room watch
  • watchkeeping & emergency procedures as per Company policy

A copy of these orders is to be signed by each Engineer Officer. At night the CE shall issue sanding orders which will be signed by the Duty Engineer before watch 



The CE:

  • ensures officers are fit for watch duty.
  • assigns/monitors duty watch when engines are in the manned mode
  • assigns Duty Engineer when in unmanned mode.
  • is in the Engine Room when the vessel is on ‘stand by’
  • may be relieved for long standby periods or for an emergency by 2E



The CE:

  • ensures the specific spill contingency plan is enforced
  • ensures the Engine Department safety equipment is maintained
  • ensures the Engine Department weekly safety routines are carried out
  • ensures the Engine Department know location/use of safety equipment
  • ensures the crew use safe practices inthe Engine Room
  • ensures steps are taken to prevent smoke pollution
  • can be appointed ECO – Environmental Compliance Officer or deputy – Master’s discretion.
  • assists Master in detailing an incident where the vessel is damaged



The CE:

  • Is responsible for bunkers and personally supervises bunkering operations.
  • responsible for ensuring proper sounding/gauging at all times.
  • meets with Master to decide bunkering needs for voyage planning
  • considers operating variables and CP stipulations when bunkering
  • reports to Master daily fuel and diesel oil consumption/quantities
  • reports to Master the amount of fresh water remaining onboard
  • before departure from port, ensures Engine Department: 

1.has sufficient fuels, lubricating oils, stores, spares

  1. that the machinery is working efficiently
  • ensures reports are completed on time
  • ensures Statutory and Class surveys are completed on time
  • where authorized by Class, carries out machinery surveys
  • may be appointed as ECO deputy by the Master – Master to be immediately
  • informed of any conflicts in duties, schedules, etc.



The CE

  • monitors and evaluates propulsion plant and auxiliary machinery
  • reports to the Company any serious deviation in above
  • assists/carries out repairs and rectification of defects
  • advises Master when resources inadequate for dealing with a defect
  • seeks Company help when dealing with above defect
  • supervises outside con1ractors if superintendents are not onboard
  • is responsible in the Engine Department for: 
  1. the condition of instruments
  2. manuals/drawings/documents/logbooks/defect list
  3. inventories
  4. requisitions and correspondence
  • directs maintenance on: 
  1. hose cranes on deck
  2. air-conditioning
  3. refrigeration plants
  4. oily water separators
  5. the emergency generator and all emergency equipment
  • ensures the PMS covers all critical equipment
  • ensures Engineers and EO understand and use the PMS
  • ensures maintenance is carried out/recorded as per PMS
  • ensures maker manuals and Company instructions are entered in PMS
  • ensures spare part & stores records kept per Company instructions
  • before arrival, finds out the time in port for maintenance/surveys
  • discusses needs with the Master while in port
  • informs Master of any repair that necessitates vessel immobilization
  • informs Master of the expected length of the immobilization
  • keeps the Master informed as above repairs etc progress


The CE:

  • ensures Engine Department crew has read:
  • his standing orders
  • the Company’s manuals and circulars(if any)
  • the equipment maker’s operating instructions
  • maintains discipline & efficiency in the Engine Department
  • maintains discipline & efficiency in the Engine Department
  • guides crew working under him, pointing out breaches of regulations
  • assigns duties and ensures their completion
  • assigns duties , interchanging jobs/day work as required
  • ensures completion of above
  • ensures engine room crew are familiar with the water mist system
  • completes Checklist_076 and Checkliist_077 assessing: 

1.conduct, ability, sobriety of the crew under him

  1. potential advancement of crew under him
  • supervises prescribed training routines for trainee engineers
  • advises the Company on training needs of Engine Department
  • provides on board guidance and training for Engine Department

Please note, only qualified candidates should apply. Curriculum vitae should be forwarded to and  citing the Job title as the subject of the email. Please note that applications for all positions close 2 weeks from the day of the advert.