Age: 35-45, Minimum of 15 experience

The CO is the Head of the Deck Department. He reports directly to the Master. He takes command of the vessel if the Master is absent or incapacitated until relieved. He prepares loading and discharging plans and monitors ships integrity (e.g. draft/UKC and stresses) during cargo operations. The CO works with the Chief Engineer to maintain cargo and ballast systems and common ship records. He is responsible for cargo operations and MARPOL [ODME] compliance.



The CO’s qualifications are:

  • Engineering / Bachelor’s degree in a related field (e.g. construction management, Mechanical engineering)
  • possession of all valid certificates under STCW and the Flag of the ship for the type of the ship and her trading including BOSEIT.
  • be  internally  promoted  from  within  the  Company  or  having   a  personal
  • recommendation from his previous employer, who must be considered  by the Company as a first class operator. This recommendation and its verification by MD/OM/I’M will be kept in the CO’s file. The CSO shall verify appropriately.
  • a new to Company CO must be carefully supervised by a Company Masters or SupM for at least one load and one discharge prior to the completion of his probation. 
  • It is expected that the overlap with the prior CO will be approximately 1week


The CO is responsible:

  • for preparing cargo plans and ballast plans
  • for checking cargo system & preparing cargo space
  • for preparation of, operation of and control of cargo equipment including personal supervision of commencement and completion of cargo and ballast operations
  • for safe stress, ballast distribution & control of ballast movement
  • for the stability, trim & draft during load/discharge operations
  • for the stability, trim & draft during sea passage
  • management of ballast water & maintaining records including those for regulations
  • for ballast tank manholes/inlet etc. closing before receiving cargo
  • for supervision and direct work on:
    1. cargo loading/discharge as per instructions
    2. deck openings & load lines items
    3. cargo gear, gangways & deck equipment
  • for the supervision of cargo (temperature etc) and its log books
  • preparing and maintaining cargo and ballast records as required by the company, charterers and regulations.
  • calculation of the cargo quantiles onboard and preparation of cargo documentation

as required

  • for writing orders (standing or otherwise) regarding cargo operations and ensuring

that the orders are understood and signed by all relevant officers and the cargo

  • watch.
  • for  monitoring/checking for  toxic/dangerous gases and vapours   in  all components and recording results
  • for ensuring work is planned, carried out and supervised with the aim ofcara minimizing

accidents, injuries and diseases



The CO ensures

  • may be appointed as Safety Officer (SO). (FM_2.01 SAFETY OFFICER)
  • the vessel is prepared to go to sea, regardless of weather
  • checks implications of new/changed machinery and practices
  • a proper cargo/port watch is maintained by duty officers
  • above watch complies with safety/environmental requirements
  • all deck and shore personnel are working in a safe manner
  • side-doors & deck openings are closed before departing
  • the holding of emergency rain drills (under the direction of Master)
  • instructs deck and catering
  • ensures the above know location of department’s safety equipment
  • searches for stowaways and drugs with the other department heads
  • recording of incidents, accident reports and statistics (with SO)
  • safety standards and main dining safety equipment (with CE and SO)
  • all passengers are issued with safety equipment & instructed in its use
  • visitors understand and follow safety procedures.



The CO ensures:

  • is the oil spill co-ordinator on the Company vessels
  • is responsible for oil spill prevention equipment
  • the preparations on deck for approach to port waters
  • the preparations on deck for arrival into port/lightering areas.
  • the Garbage Management onboard including posters, records, audits, etc.
  • usually acts as the ship’s ECO – Environmental Compliance Officer – Master’s discretion.
  • daily sound/ullaging of blast/cargo tanks, p/room and/or deck compartments, etc. and
  • compared with remote readings.
  • recording above in Deck Log.
  • deck spare parts, stores, tools & paint (labeling, maintenance, etc)
  • the receipt of, and signs for, deck stores and spares
  • that quality & quantity of delivered items conform with the order
  • the Master is informed immediately of deficiencies inorder carried out as per the PMS/Maker’s instructions
  • identifies critical equipment and ensures PMS procedure for them.
  • record keeping & reporting deficiencies of the above to Master & CE
  • with the CE for maintenance of:
  1. Cargo spaces
  2. hull
  3.  Decks
  4. accommodation (including Catering Department),
  5. tanks and void spaces, piping tunnels
  6. valves and piping system



The CO:

  • may be the Medical Officer (MO) (See FM_3.02.09 and FM_3.02.10) [Master’s
  • decision]
  • informs Master about health and welfare of the crew
  • schedules the daily work of the deck crew and Catering Department
  • ensures correct employment of above within normal working hours
  • distributes overtime assignments for above
  • guides Junior Officers in the use the PMS system.
  • prepares evaluation reports for deck officers/crew
  • keeps Master advised on performance of deck officers/deck crew
  • supervises training of any DC/AO onboard
  • assigning tasks to the Cadets & monitoring their progress
  • signs the Cadet’s Training Record book at least once a month.
  • develops crew under him through personal contact, guidance and example


The CO:

  • may be appointed as Navigational Officer in special circumstances as decided by the Master. The Company must be notified in such a case – usually the 2M is the Navigation Officer.
  • keeps Navigation Watch on vessels without additional Navigation Officer
  • if appointed, performs all duties assigned to the Navigational  Officer (See FM_6.0l).
  • if there are 3 deck officers (C0,2M,3M) then the CO should make 8 navigational watches per month subject to workload and Master’s discretion

Please note, only qualified candidates should apply. Curriculum vitae should be forwarded to and  citing the Job title as the subject of the email. Please note that applications for all positions close 2 weeks from the day of the advert.