Age: 35-45, Minimum of 8 experience

The EO serves as a day man. He is responsible to the CE and 2E. There may be an trainee EO (TE)

onboard.   The  TE  has  the  same theoretical  knowledge  as EO but  are onboard  to  gain practical experience and will work directly with the EO. If there is no EO onboard then the CE will monitor the works and responsibilities of the TE more closely to ensure that the TE’s works and responsibilities are within the TE’s capabilities.   See the Duties of the TE below (own section).



The EO’s qualifications are:

  • possession of all valid certificates under STCW and the Flag of the ship for the type of the ship and her trading.
  • Engineering / Bachelor’s degree in a related field 



The EO is responsible for:

  • maintenance of the electrical and electronic equipment onboard
  • adoption of safe working practices onboard
  • UMS test schedules, alarm test etc
  • assistance with any other maintenance as required
  • assistance in maintaining navigational and communication equipment
  • maintains Megger test records , updates the PMS & records his work
  • inspects the machinery in his charge daily for safety & efficiency
  • reports any abnormalities in above to the 2E
  • performs other mechanical/electrical maintenance and repair as asked



The EO:

  • ensures safety requirements are met for electrical equipment
  • ensures PPE for electrical hazards is available in good condition
  • ensures the crew knows how to use electrical PPE
  • ensures no hazardous electrical appliances are in cabins
  • checks any temporary electrical circuits, power points or wiring
  • ensures prominent signs are displayed for dangers such as:
  • high voltage
  • inadvertent start of a machinery under repair
  • any other electrical hazards
  • ensures electrical stores and workshop are maintained
  • maintains inventory records for electrical spares & stores
  • submits requisitions for electrical spare parts & stores to 2E
  • signs for above items & ensures items are delivered as ordered
  • submits monthly works, spares and stores consumption reports to 2E
  • attends in the Engine Room during stand by as required
  • attends windlass/deck mooring equipment during stand by as required


The EO:

  • instructs and supervises the engine ratings as ordered by 2E
  • ensure workers under his supervision comply with safety requirements
  • ensures above comply with environmental protection requirements
  • develops crew under him through personal contact, guidance and example



The BO reports to the CO.



The BO:

  • is part of the Bridge Watch
  • in port, is on Deck Watch reporting to OOW or on Cargo Watch per CO
  • on watch, reports to the OOW unless instructed otherwise by CO



The BO is to supervise deck ratings in the following maintenance works:

    • cleaning, rustscaling and painting of:
    • inside/enclosed spaces
    • hull/decks/masts/superstructure
    • maintenance of running gear & mooring/anchoring equipment
    • maintenance and rustscaling of the cargo tanks or holds.
    • maintenance of tanks/holds, cleaning gear & associated equipment
    • maintenance of safety & lifesaving equipment
    • maintenance & repairs of the cargo loading/discharging gear
  • maintenance & repairs of associated equipment to above

Please note, only qualified candidates should apply. Curriculum vitae should be forwarded to [email protected] and [email protected]  citing the Job title as the subject of the email. Please note that applications for all positions close 2 weeks from the day of the advert.