Age: 35-45, Minimum of 8 experience



The 2E reports to the CE on a daily basis.  He assumes charge of Engine Room and machinery in the absence of the CE. He assumes watch as directed by CE. The 2E supports the CE in supervising the daily works of the engine department personnel. The 2E may be appointed as the ship’s ECO (Environmental Compliance Officer) by the Master.


The 2E’s qualifications are:

  • possession of all valid certificates under STCW and the Flag of the ship for the type of the ship and her trading.

  • Engineering / Bachelor’s degree in a related field (e.g. construction management, Mechanical engineering)

  • be   internally   promoted   from  within   the   Company   or  having   a  personal

  • recommendation from his previous employer, who must be considered by the Company as a first class operator. This recommendation and its verification by MD/OM/TM will be kept in the 2E’s file. The CSO shall verify appropriately.

  • a new to Company 2E must be carefully supervised by a Company CE or SupE for

  • 0.5 to 1 month prior to the completion of his probation. It is expected that the overlap with the prior 2E will be approximately 1 week.



  • liaisons with the CO.

  • supervises work and maintain engine logbooks.

  • attends stand-by duties at arrival/departure ports

  • carries out Duty Engineer responsibility as directed

  • ensures Engine Department complies with safety requirements

  • ensures compliance with environmental protection requirements

  • maintains inventory of spare parts & consumables on hand/on order

  • prepares/scrutinizes machinery spare part/stores requisition s

  • prepares/scrutinizes electrical spare part/stores requisitions

  • receives and signs for spare parts and stores

  • ensures above are delivered as ordered

  • ensures delivered spare parts & consumables are inventoried & stowed

  • notifies the Company of any quantity/quality deficiency of above

  • performs any other duties as directed by CE

  • may be appointed as ECO deputy by the Master – Master and CE to be immediately informed of any conflicts in duties, schedules, etc.



The 2E:

  • directs maintenance and repairs of: –

  1. Main Engine

  2. Cargo Machinery, Hatch Hydraulic Machinery & Steering Gear

  3. Windlass and mooring equipment

  • maintains machinery records and maintenance plans for above

  • organizes maintenance as per the CE’s orders

  • assigns duties to other engineer officers for daily maintenance

  • assigns duties to other engineer officers overhaul and repair work

  • ensures record keeping of preventative maintenance

  • ensures that the Engine Department maintains a clean Engine Room that is free of oily residues on tank tops, floor plates etc


The 2E:

  • assigns crew under him full employment within normal working hours

  • distributes overtime assignments

  • prepares evaluations for ratings working under him (Checklist_077)

  • advises the CE about functioning of the Engine Department

  • is the designated ‘On-Board Training Officer’ for training JE/EC-AE

  • assigns tasks to above per the training record book guidelines

  • monitors the progress of above

  • is responsible for reports for the trainees regarding training

  • develops crew under him through personal contact, guidance and example

Please note, only qualified candidates should apply. Curriculum vitae should be forwarded to and  citing the Job title as the subject of the email. Please note that applications for all positions close 2 weeks from the day of the advert.