Corporate Social Responsibility

To us, corporate responsibility is not just a corporate or organizational function, it is also “personal”. The personal ingredient is a key component of our social interventions. We understand the importance of taking care of our people, our work environment, the communities we work in, the people therein, and the society at large.

For our people, we adhere to the highest safety standards to ensure our work environments are free of all safety hazards, and we constantly educate all our staff on the consistent maintenance of those standards.

Furthermore, we aim to establish trust-based relationships with the communities around our operations. This commitment is reflective of our proactive initiatives to nurture these relationships and contribute to capacity building to enhance their quality of life.

We respect host communities, their traditional values, and their cultural heritage. Thus, building and maintaining relationships with them enables us to engage in consultations and ensure mutual expectations are realistic and achievable. We give back to them by actively supporting and participating in sustainable development projects and civic activities for their continuous growth.

We also understand the significance of preserving the environment for the survival of our beloved earth. So, we support the cause to prevent loss of life, social unrest, and economic turbulence from unhealthy climate change, and all forms of risks from natural hazards and disasters. That is why we are committed to keeping the environment pollution-free.

We pride ourselves in the way we are uniquely positioned to continue our contributions to the progress, prosperity, and economic growth and development of the industry we serve.