Cardinal Safety at Caracal

One of the best well-captured thoughts that reflect the Caracal standpoint on health and safety is, “Safety is not expensive, it’s priceless”. Because we uphold and practice an effective workplace health and safety principle to engender a healthy, safe, and occupational hazard-free environment.

As a company that places a premium on the safety of its staff, we lean on our drive for excellence in all our operations. This is aptly fueled by our aim to continuously improve our safety culture, through procedures that guarantee a substantial reduction in risks, health issues, and other related incidents that may emanate from all aspects of our operations.

10 Cardinal Rules for safety

To drive the health and safety process, we created an efficient, all-encompassing framework in the 10 Cardinal Rules, which serves as a significant safety guide for all our employees to promote our accident prevention policy.These rules are vital not only to prevent hazards but for people to also be aware of the need to develop a sharper sense of security.

  • Cardinal Rule #1
    I always wear my Personal Protective Equipment on-site and task-specific PPE when required by job safety analysis 
  • Cardinal Rule #2
    When boarding or leaving a barge, a vessel, or a platform, I will always use equipment such as personal basket, pilot ladder, boat landing, or gangway 
  • Cardinal Rule #3
    I never walk or stand under a suspended load 
  • Cardinal Rule #4
    I never work or drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs 
  • Cardinal Rule #5
    I do not smoke outside of dedicated areas 
  • Cardinal Rule #6
    I report immediately to my supervisor any incident, accident or near-miss 
  • Cardinal Rule #7
    I do not work at heights without a safety harness if there is no collective protective equipment (guardrails, safety nets, etc.). 
  • Cardinal Rule #8
    I make sure that the power and product supply of equipment that I manipulate for maintenance, repair, or modification has been cut. 
  • Cardinal Rule #9
    I do not bypass or remove either barricades or machine guarding, or enter a prohibited signalized area if I’m not authorized. 
  • Cardinal Rule #10
    I do not enter a confined space or excavation area without atmosphere control and protective equipment.

We understand that one of the fundamental processes of helping employees manage stress, initiate and maintain lasting interest, dedication, focus, and a high level of productivity, is to enforce strict adherence to the cardinal safety policies. Because establishing safety measures is not enough; applying the rules is the surest guarantee for the desired safety.

Another way we ensure safety in our business is the promotion and application of industry-best safety practices and standards, through effective training, retraining, and retaining of best hands who align with our goal of placing importance on health and life to realize zero percent work-related accidents.

This is conveniently reinforced across the board, which includes all our workers -both in the offices and on our various sites, all levels of management, to partners and others.

Furthermore, the cardinal rules are instrumental in developing, applying, and fostering occupational excellence that ensures workplace safety, personal safety, operational and process safety, and a healthy environment that benefits our employees, contractors, collaborators, and the communities we operate in.